With or Without Not Because

I make the active decision to either live my life with someone, or without someone—not because of someone.

In doing so, whether that person has moved on in a physical death/transition, emotional severance of a bond friendship/family, imposed restrictions, or geographical distance…

Because my “because” was not the person (whom is no longer physically present in my life), rather the love and cherished memories from the time that we shared—

I continue to live.

Step off!

When your unsolicited opinion matters to me…you will be my God.

Until then—step off!

Spiritual Walk—

The human footprint is as unique as the human handprint—palms, fingers, soles, and toes.

As we do not make the exact impressions, why would you expect that we would have the same walk?

Your relationship with your Creator is yours alone—do not allow anyone or anything to alter your path or modify your stride.

The Creator has crafted and defines you—why would you look to any other to guide your path—